At OnlineCollegeWiz, we’re big advocates of choosing to pursue your education online. While many folks prefer traditionally earning a degree – on a college campus – we’ve found there to be distinct advantages to earning a degree online. But what might be suitable for some might not be ideal for all. There are certain types of people in certain situations who might find an online college degree a better fit for them. And then others might see that an online degree won’t provide them with what they’re hoping to get out of their college experience. So let’s take some time to find out: is an online college right for me?

Does an online college provide the “college experience”?

This is probably the easiest of all types of people to determine whether or not an online college is right for them. Suppose you are very interested in the traditional college experience of living on-campus, maybe in a dorm, going to class, meeting other students, enjoying campus life, etc. In that case, an online college is not an excellent fit for you.

While there are some significant benefits to pursuing a degree online, we’d be lying if we didn’t mention that an online college experience is a much more streamlined version of college. You don’t get the dorm room. You don’t get the dining hall. You don’t get campus life. All that stuff is removed from an online college degree. 

So if you’re a young person, maybe fresh out of high school, and want to have that traditional college experience, then, yes, an online college is probably not the place for you.

Online college for the working professional

But what if you don’t care about all that stuff? What if you’re not interested in dorm life, campus events, and all the things that come with attending a brick-and-mortar college? What if you don’t even have time for that stuff because you’re already working? Well, then an online college might be precisely what you’re looking for.

What makes an online college not great for some, its streamlined nature is what others love about online college. If you’re someone who just wants their education without any of the extra frills, then an online college is perfect for you.

Online colleges are so great for working professionals. They are just way easier to integrate into a more comprehensive array of lifestyles. Through asynchronous learning, online colleges allow working professionals to create class schedules that fit into their lives. That’s just something that you can’t get out of a traditional college degree.

Online college for the person who wants to move on to what’s next

Higher education for many people is just the next step. It’s that thing that you need to get done to get to what you want to do. Many career paths require college degrees even to be considered for work. If you want to start your career as soon as possible, then an online college may be the right path for you.

Online colleges offer a distinct advantage over traditional college degrees in that they can be completed much more quickly. Many online colleges offer students accelerated degree programs. If you want to get in and get out, then an online college might be exactly what you’re looking for in higher education. 

Online college for the self-motivated

Generally speaking, college students have far more control over their scheduling and time management. The jump from high school into college can be very jarring for some students. Gone are the teachers that act as taskmasters. In college, you’re in charge of your time management, and while some students flourish in that environment – others flounder.

When comparing traditional on-campus learning to online learning, some students might find that more of the time management responsibility is put on to the online students. When you don’t have to be at class at a particular time, and you can choose when and where to engage with your course work, some students may fall victim to procrastination. 

If you’re not the best at time management, then it might be worth thinking about how you might fare in this type of environment.

However, this doesn’t always cut against online colleges only. While traditional college campuses may have a bit more structure, they also have way more distractions. Whether it’s extracurriculars, partying, or just general socializing, some students struggle with not being distracted by all the extras of a traditional college campus.

Those are some factors to consider when it comes to how you work. Do you thrive when you’re in control of your schedule? Or does some structure do you good? Do you find yourself easily distracted? Or are you able to make sure you set aside time for work? These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself before you can honestly know what will work best for you. 

Is Online College right for me?

We’re huge proponents of online college. We think it’s a great way to save money, earn a degree much more quickly, and just have more control over your higher education. But we also recognize it’s not for everyone. But where exactly do you fall on this spectrum?

Online college is great for students who want to just focus on their education. They want to earn their degree, and they want to do it quickly and efficiently. They’re comfortable with technology, can make their schedules, and are proficient at time management. Online college is also great for working professionals who want a higher education experience to incorporate into their day-to-day.

Students looking for the “college experience” or just need a little more transitional space into adulthood might want to consider traditional college over an online one.

Online college is great for those who want to earn a degree as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

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