Online colleges offer prospective students an opportunity to advance through distance learning programs, which are particularly popular among adult learners. Pursuing one of the many digital marketing degrees online can improve any applicant’s prospects of landing that dream job. 

Digital Marketing Degrees Online

digital marketing degrees online

Most online digital marketing degrees require students to enroll in an accredited institution of higher education. The curriculum will cover a variety of subjects that relate to the field of digital media, technology, and marketing. Many online digital marketing degrees integrate data analysis and advertising to influence consumer behavior. The digital marketing degree prepares graduates to face this challenging industry.

Digital Marketing Career and Salary Information

The growth in this industry has increased the demand for online digital marketing degrees.

Incentives like profit sharing, bonuses, and commissions partially account for some differences in the salary range. Salary range varies widely because of a variety of differences in each industry as well as the locations. Completing the coursework for the online digital marketing degree exposes students to a wide range of roles and options.

Career paths for digital marketing can take many forms, but selecting one can be challenging. Online digital marketing degree help students to think through their options. For example, a student’s personality might be more suitable for content marketing and SEO than as a social media influencer. 

What Factors Affect Digital Marketing Salaries?

Digital marketing can be lucrative, but salaries vary widely based on industry, location, role, experience, and other factors. The function of the digital marketer is only one of the aspects of the job that determine the salary. 

In addition, many digital marketers earn income from combining the base salary with bonuses, commissions, and other additional payments. Due to the wide range of salaries, the best way to understand this topic is to review the key elements contributing to a high-paying salary in digital marketing.


High-quality education plays a critical role in the earning potential of a digital marketer. The coursework covered in an online digital marketing degree program provides a background and establishes basic competency. 

Quality academic programs can help students better process information and communicate well. There is no substitute for experience; earning an online digital marketing degree provides the graduate with hands-on experience and a credential from an accredited institution of higher education. 

Field experience

Employers prefer candidates with solid work portfolios. Keep detailed records of your freelance work, employment contracts, and letters of recommendation. If you run your own digital marketing business, this work experience may prove invaluable. Make sure to document the methods you utilized to market on behalf of your agency. 


The role in the company often sets a salary range even before the hiring takes place. For example, a digital marketing manager can make $96,000 with enough experience and proven success. Digital marketing roles that are independent or entry-level will see much lower earnings. 

Negotiation skills

Earning a top salary as a digital marketer requires the job candidate to engage in salary negotiation. Impressing the employer with relevant work samples is just one part of establishing experience; you also need to finesse that salary negotiation process to land the desired position. Always research the company before showing up for an interview. 

Transferable skill set

Try to diversify your skill set and work portfolio, and ensure that your skills are transferable from one industry to another. Online digital marketing degrees from accredited online colleges confer skills that apply to many fields of work. This increases your chances of obtaining a high-paid position after you gain relevant experience. 

Market research

To maximize your earning potential, read plenty of job descriptions before you choose from one of the online universities offering online digital marketing degrees. Employers are often keen to hire candidates with specific digital marketing skills like SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

Salary Examples

Here are a few of the many things you can do by getting a digital marketing degree online along with the average salaries in the field. 

Curriculum and Courses for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

The coursework and curriculum at online colleges can lead to better salaries and career prospects. Colleges usually decide on coursework and curriculum according to the regional needs of the area. However, many online digital marketing degrees cover subjects in demand regardless of the region. 

Keep the following points in mind when researching online schools to find online digital marketing degrees:

General education

Online colleges offering online digital marketing degrees will cover a range of subjects that are required for the institution to maintain its accreditation. General education courses cover social sciences, history, ethics, management, and communications. 

Core curriculum

This part of the curriculum covers business finance, accounting, management, law, marketing, project management, and supply chain logistics. 

Credit hours

The entire cost of tuition is calculated in credit hours, which are divided between the general education coursework and the core curriculum. There are many differences from one online college to another. Many online programs require around 60 general education credits with a split between the focus on digital marketing and a minimum requirement for business administration topics. 

The purpose of the curriculum is to educate digital marketing students on a wide range of subjects. These topics relate to the marketing landscape, but they also cover business practices. There has been a considerable increase in the demand for social media marketing because of the presence of big data, for example.

New technologies often introduce opportunities while disrupting legacy workflows. The digital marketer of the future needs to have a firm grasp on social media, marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, new software developments, principles of marketing and much more. 

Admissions Requirements for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

Private online college admissions requirements are set by the institution. Public online colleges will provide an admissions requirement that conforms to the standards set by the regulating authorities. In both cases, the admissions process will be given on the website, and students can request to speak with an admissions officer if additional information is necessary. 

There are two kinds of admissions processes that students can expect:

Admission assessments for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

Online universities may require an assessment test before accepting the admissions application. This may include tests like the SAT, ACT, or GMAT. Often, universities have a minimum GPA required and require applicants to submit evidence of a high school diploma or GED. 

Open admissions for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

There are private online colleges that waive the assessment exams and even the GPA requirement. These colleges may still require a high school diploma. Review the admissions requirements carefully before applying, and speak with an admissions officer if necessary. 

Accreditation for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

Accreditation for online colleges is critical for establishing the institution’s credibility. Regional accreditation agencies like the Higher Learning Commission have the authority to grant institutions accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education. The accreditation may apply to the college itself or to specific degree programs within the institution. 

Accreditation assures the public that the institution’s student services, classes, and performance ratings conform to the minimum academic quality standards. It also means that the institution submits periodic reviews of the procedures, departments, and programs. This ensures that all students get a high-quality education. This credential also confers prestige on the institution and its graduates. 

Professional licenses often require a degree from an accredited school. Online colleges that receive accreditation from the regional authorities are competitive. However, specific fields are exempt from the accreditation procedure. If this is the case, the student can refer to the database of the Department of Education for recognized educational institutions.

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Digital Marketing Degrees Online

Financial aid packages take many forms, and students can expect the final aid offered to be determined by various factors. There is no difference between the financial aid available for online students and on-campus students. 

All students must submit a completed FAFSA before receiving a financial aid offer. The eligibility criteria are set at the federal level, but they might change periodically. Scholarship aid is usually offered within the school and can be based on need or merit. These internal or departmental scholarships also use the information collected on the FAFSA form to determine eligibility, merit, and need. 


All students applying for financial assistance must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, to determine the award amount. Financial aid eligibility for the federal grant program is automatically processed through this application. 


In most cases, the college handles scholarship applications, so inquire about any internal departmental scholarships that might apply. Additional scholarships are made available through organizations with no affiliation or connection to the school. Pursue these scholarships independently. 

Calculating the costs

Financial aid is essential for paying tuition, books, and supplies. However, understanding the actual education costs will enable you to create a realistic budget for each academic year. 

Travel costs

If your online college for digital marketing has residential requirements make sure you budget for travel costs. Traveling costs may be significant for out-of-state students enrolled in an online college program. 

Living expenses

Calculating the cost of living depends on the area of residence. This number can be estimated for the first year. After the initial year, the cost-of-living expenses are more likely to accurately reflect the amount paid for housing, food, transportation, and related expenses during the academic year. 

Hidden costs

Distance learning can reduce the costs of earning online digital marketing degrees from an accredited online college. However, hidden costs are associated with achieving this credential, so budget for hidden expenses. Examples include processing fees, technology fees, a laptop computer, Wi-Fi, software, and graduation expenses. 

Financial aid packages can also vary from one year to the next. Students must reapply every year, and the amount is often adjusted to reflect any changes in the application or rules governing the financial aid awards. The student’s expected family contribution, or EFC, will be given during the application process. This is the amount that students or contributing family members must pay. 

What Can You Do With a Digital Marketing Degree from an Online College?

Digital marketing is a type of advertising that utilizes available resources in the public domain like social media, email and rich media content to drive traffic to business. Converting visitors into paying customers is at the heart of the digital marketer’s goal. Over the years, digital marketing has grown rapidly as an industry. Companies often need to segment the activities of large marketing departments into specific areas like the digital space. 

Digital marketers with a degree enter their field with an in-depth understanding of intricate tools like Marketing360, Google Analytics, and similar products. The digital marketing degree takes any self-education and practical experience to the next level. 

HubSpot cited a study showing that over 60 percent of the marketers surveyed said that getting tangible results from search engine optimization, or SEO, was a priority. The market is expected to grow to more than $113 billion by the year 2020. This industry covers a wide range of activities related to SEO, email marketing campaigns, social media, and other marketing campaigns. 

Company executives are increasingly aware of hiring competent digital marketing professionals to increase online visibility, brand awareness, and conversions. Industries that employ digital marketers include finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and small businesses. Many other fields will also hire digital marketers once they know the need to develop a robust online presence. 

Careers in digital marketing can span a range of industries. In addition, many digital marketers work as self-employed contractors, which enables them to provide services to multiple clients. Many skills acquired in one sector will transfer over into another, making this career highly portable. 

Here are a few of the many types of positions held by those with online digital marketing degrees:

Social media specialist

Social media is an area of rapid growth for digital marketing professionals. This work involves crafting social media campaigns that include creating posts, data analysis, and interaction with users. 

SEO marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, enhances the visibility of online content for search engines. To accomplish this task, the digital marketer must understand the search engine algorithms and format the content accordingly. Page optimization, content quality, and inbound links improve the website’s visibility. The SEO specialist may also monitor the site traffic and adjust the content strategies deployed. 

Content marketing

Content marketing managers play an essential role in planning, designing, and even creating the content to be viewed by users on the Internet. Types of content include videos, blogs, articles, e-books, and social media posts. It is a well-known idea that on the Internet, content is king. The content manager will ensure brand consistency and messaging while formatting content for distribution across all social media platforms and digital outlets. 

Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing manager is responsible for the organization’s overall marketing strategy. This requires coordinating with content managers and producers to optimize various types of content for promotion on the company’s platforms and social media channels. 

How Much Does a Digital Marketing Degree Cost from an Online College?

The cost of an online digital marketing degree depends on various factors. This includes the location of the student while attending the program. For example, in-state tuition is typically lower than out-of-state tuition. However, some schools charge the same amount for students regardless of the state where their residence is maintained. 

Tuition is the highest cost of pursuing an online college degree. The best way to calculate the price of a program is to make a list that covers all of the major expenses; always make plenty of room for unexpected and miscellaneous costs within your budget. 

Online Bachelor’s degrees typically require 120 credits, and the cost per credit will vary with the specific institution. The range is between $200 and $550 per credit, which makes the tuition between $25,000 and $70,000. Public college degrees often cost less than similar programs offered at private universities. Likewise, many online degree programs for digital marketing cost less than the same program offered on campus. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Digital Marketing from an Online College?

The amount of time required to complete an online degree in digital marketing depends on the frequency of classes and the length of time of the program. The program can be completed much faster for students who commit to a full-time study schedule. Full-time study is generally defined as 12 credit hours per academic semester. 

Those enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours per academic semester are considered part-time students. Part-time programs will take longer to complete. They are often self-paced, and the program is designed to accommodate busy adults with other work and family obligations. 

Some online colleges offer accelerated programs. Those who enter an accelerated program with college credit can finish their undergraduate degree in as few as 12 or 18 months. However, students who enter into accelerated online bachelor programs in Digital Marketing should still expect to finish in three years. 

Are there Affordable Digital Marketing Degrees Online?

Educational institutions maintain their own tuition rates, and some are less expensive than others. Selecting an affordable online college degree program requires the student to evaluate the quality of the instruction against the total price tag. Often, pursuing an online program through a public college is less expensive than a private one. 

Your grants and scholarships will influence the affordability of pursuing a digital marketing degree from an online college. When applying for financial aid to fund your online degree, create a financing plan to fall back on if the award amount should change from one year to the next. Some students win financial aid awards with term limits. This makes those funds unavailable after a certain amount of years. 

Is an Online Degree in Digital Marketing Worth It?

Any cost-benefit analysis for education should consider the long-term benefits as well as the short-term costs. The sales statistics for retail are projected to reach $26 trillion by the year 2022, which will also require more digital marketers to reach customers online. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the digital marketing field will grow by over 22 percent by 2030. 

Career paths include marketing management, public relations, project management, and more. Keep in mind that the salary range for digital marketers depends on experience, supervisory roles, geography, and other factors. A report from Glassdoor estimates that digital marketers can make around $52,000 per year on average without any supervisory role. 

The BLS also estimates that the median salary for these fields is around $130,000 annually. The costs of the educational requirement for a digital marketing degree should be viewed in the context of these long-term career and salary opportunities, which would otherwise remain unavailable. 

The Top 10 Schools Offering Online Digital Marketing Programs

The following regionally accredited schools offer quality online degrees in digital marketing. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Bay Path University (Longmeadow, MA)

digital marketing degrees online from Bay Path University

Bay Path University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business and Digital Marketing Management. Online degrees provide the foundation for a robust job-seeking strategy upon graduation. Degree candidates learn how to assist companies in creating strategies for communications and meeting core business objectives. 

2. Colorado Tech University (Colorado Springs, CO)

digital marketing degrees online from Colorado Tech

This university offers online Bachelor of Science degrees in Business and Digital Marketing. The university provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Over 118,000 degrees have been issued to students around the world. Today, around 92 percent of all students are enrolled in online programs. The Intellipath adaptive learning program provides instructions in a personalized format to students. 

3. Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN)

digital marketing degrees online from IWU

Indiana Wesleyan offers online Bachelor of Science Degrees in Marketing and Digital Media Business Strategies. The university has students from over ten different countries. With 87 undergraduate majors and 57 degrees at the graduate level, the university has a wide range of programs. 

4. Johnson and Wales University (Providence, RI)

digital marketing degrees online from JWU

Johnson and Wales University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media. This private institution was founded in 1914 and is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. The university’s mission is to educate students capable of building a sustainable future. The evidence-based curriculum is geared toward hands-on learning. Students are encouraged to participate in the integrated work-learning programs. 

5. Los Angeles Pacific University (Los Angeles, CA)

digital marketing degrees online from LAPU

LAPU offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing. This is a mobile system in contrast to traditional educational institutions with online degree programs. The focus is dedicated to developing the best online learning experience possible, and the programs were designed with adult learners in mind. Students benefit from a success coach who provides guidance and encouragement throughout the program. 

6. Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)

digital marketing degrees online from OSU

Oregon State offers online Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Marketing and Digital Communications. The institution offers over 200 degree-granting programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is the largest university in the state, with enrollment numbers that hover around 32,000. Since the school first opened its doors, more than 270,000 students have successfully graduated. 

7. Post University (Waterbury, CT)

Post University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing. The school was founded as a for-profit university in 1890 when it was called Post College. The university maintains satellites in several cities, but most of the students are enrolled in online programs. These degree programs enable students to take their courses in the day or evening. 

8. Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL)

Southeastern University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Design. The school was founded in 1935 as a private university with a Christian curriculum. The original name was the Southeastern Bible Institute, and it officially became a liberal arts college in the 1970s. The online programs are available in addition to the on-campus courses.

9. Southern New Hampshire University (Manchester, NH) 

Southern New Hampshire offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing. The school is a private institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. It also maintains accreditation status at the national level for issuing degrees in business, education, health, and hospitality. This institution has enrolled over 135,000 students in online degree-granting programs. The admissions rate for this university is around 88 percent, and it was ranked as one of the top universities in the region in 2021 by U.S. News & World Report. 

10. University of Wisconsin – Stout (Stout, WI)

The University of Wisconsin – Stout offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing Technology. The university’s student enrollment rate exceeds 9,600 in any given year. As a public institution, it is a member of the greater university system of Wisconsin, and it was founded in 1891 by James Huff Stout. The institution’s mission is to provide programming that enables students to pursue professions in technology, applied arts, helping professions, and other fields. 

Getting your Digital Marketing Degree Online

Digital marketing degrees prepare students to enter a field that requires rigorous marketing, analytical, and design skills. There are many possible areas of specialization within the digital marketing profession, and students of a degree-granting program will be exposed to the various options available. 

Enrolling in a degree program for digital marketing at an online school is the first step to breaking into the industry. Financing the degree program requires some careful planning and preparation. Filling out the FAFSA is the minimal requirement for securing student aid funds. However, external scholarships and grants can be located through an online search or by making inquiries into associations within the student’s existing network. 

Create a time-management plan to ensure that all your coursework is completed on time. Set up your schedule before classes begin to ensure that you can complete the classes without interruptions by family members or work obligations. Preparation goes a long way to ensuring your successful completion of online digital marketing degrees.

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