As computer science and technology degrees from online colleges become more commonplace, these degrees haven’t become any less important to modern day society. Once a niche field of study, computer science and technology degrees have found themselves at the heart of some of the largest industries worldwide. 

Earning a computer science and technology degree still remains one of the best ways to future-proof your education and your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computer and information technology careers are expect to 11% in growth from 2019 to 2029. This type of growth is just not seen in many other industries.

Knowing that computer science and technology degrees are great for your future is a good thing to know, but it doesn’t help finding the right degree program any easier. That’s why the OnlineCollegeWhiz has created this guide to computer and technology degrees from online colleges. Take a look below and you’ll find everything you need to know to make your way in computer science and technology. 

Computer Science & Technology from an Online College

Computer science & technology degrees occupy similar headspace in the minds of many students. Here are two different categories of degrees that are about the devices and technologies we use everyday, seems simple enough. While those are definitely the broad strokes of computer science and technology degrees, we’d like to drill down into some of the nuance to help aspiring students to get a better understanding of what they’re geting into.

A good place to start out when differentiating the two of these types of degrees is thinking about how computers and technology work. Typically they’re made up of hardware – the physical devices that we use, and software – the code that runs on these devices that tell them what to do. While not a hard-and-fast rule, typically computer science degrees concern themselves more with the software-side of things while technology degrees deal with the software-side.

Computer science degrees are very math-heavy and focus mostly on teaching students how to program. Technology degrees are more geared towards designing, implementing, and maintaining computer systems.

Topics Covered in Computer Science & Technology from an Online College

There is quite a bit of overlap in topics covered by computer science and technology degrees. In fact, many computer science degrees include a lot of the basics learned in an information technology degree. So let’s start there.

In a technology or information technology degree, students will study skills needed to ensure the implementation and operation of computer technologies. This could mean studying topics including cloud computing solutions, data and informatics, systems administration, database Apply management, and more. Technology degrees are designed to give students the hands-on, boots-on-the-ground skills needed for the technologies that run our lives to work correctly.

A computer science degree focuses more closely on programming and coding. Students with a computer science degree will take many high-level math courses to learn how to program in different programming languages and create new applications and software. 

These programs will offer students the opportunity to differentiate the types of platforms they create software for and the types of programming languages they use for their work.

In-Demand Computer Science & Technology Majors from Online Colleges

Students have a wealth of different computer science and technology majors to choose from. These different types of degrees allow for specialization in skills needed to thrive in particular areas of the computer and technology industry. As this field becomes more advanced, so has the selection of degrees. We’ve compiled some of the degrees we’ve found to be most popular.

The clearest entry-point into a career in computer science and technology is either through the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. These degrees are the foundation of any quality education in computer science and technology. By completing either of these two degrees, students will have developed a crucial skill set for success in entry-level positions in the field.

Now, moving beyond those more basic offerings, students can move on to the graduate level to become more specialized in their education. Degrees like a Master’s in Software Engineering, Master’s in Data Science, and Master’s in Information Technology build on undergraduate skills and allow students to develop an expertise. A Master’s in Data Science is geared towards teaching students how to work with enormous data sets, a crucial gift for a carer in database management or cloud computing.

Students can choose to continue their education on to the doctoral level to truly achieve the highest level of education when it comes to computer science and technology. A PhD in Data Science, or a PhD in Information Technology, will ensure that students have the skills needed for some of the highest-paying careers in the field, something that we’ll explore more of below.

What are some careers in computer science?

Computer science and technology careers are some of the highest-paying career paths available today. Choosing to earn a computer science and technology degree from an online college will land students in a job market, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a median salary of $91,250. Below are some careers you can get with a computer science and technology degree from an online college.

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist – Commanding a median salary of $126,8930, computer and information research scientists are some of the highest-paying computer and technology degree graduates. Computer and information research scientists use their training and education to develop new methods of computing.
  • Software Developer – Another high-paying career, software developers earn a median salary of $110,140. Software developers are typically computer science degree-holders. Their job is to create new software applications or work on existing software applications. This career can run the gamut from software on mobile devices to software that controls massive enterprise systems.
  • Information Security Analysts – Typically held by technology degree graduates, information security analysts earn a median salary of $103,590. Using their skills and knowledge from their technology studies, information security analysts implement security systems and protocols for computer systems.
  • Database Administrators – A widespread job in the computer and information technology industry, database administrators earn a median salary of $98,860. Database administrators work to maintain large databases and data sets for many different businesses and applications. 

Certifications For Computer Science and Information Technology at Online Colleges

Besides earning an online computer science or technology degree, many employers look for specific certifications. Certifications in information technology or computer science are very commonplace.

Many employers want their employees to have particular certifications because there are so many different types of technologies, programming languages, and systems. Some typical certifications that employers seek include the CompTIA A+ Technician certification, the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification, CompTIA, Network+, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and many others.

These certifications are beneficial in the job-hunting process. They signal to employees that you are trained in a particular discipline or skillset to make you the right fit for a particular position.

Scholarships For Online Computer Science & Technology Programs

It is no secret that education, even an online college education, can be expensive. One of the gbest ways for students to control their online college education costs is by applying for scholarships. Fortunately, there are many different computer science and technology scholarship programs available for students to select from. 

One of the most prominent scholarship programs available is the Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship. Designed to help increase diversity in technology and computing, the Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship awards up to $20,000 to students of African descent.

The Edison International STEM Scholarship is another excellent opportunity for computer science and information technology students in search of scholarship funding. Up to $40,000 is awarded to recipients of the Edison International Stem Scholarship. 

These are just some of the scholarship opportunities available to computer science and technology degree seekers. We encourage students to seek out as many scholarship opportunities as possible and to apply to as many as they can.

Computer Science & Technology: Is it right for me?

A computer science degree or a technology degree from an online college is a fantastic option for students who want to ensure a bright future for themselves and their careers. The world only continues to become more technologically advanced and more centered around computers. As noted above, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that jobs for computer science and technology degree holders are expected to continue to grow in the next eight years. 

For students interested in the software side of things, a computer science degree is a fantastic choice. Through an online college’s computer science program, you will be able to gain the skills needed to get into software development. Whether that’s working on the latest video game or a new hot mobile app, you can be assured that a computer science degree will have taught you the skills needed to thrive. 

If you’re more interested in the hardware side of things, a technology degree is an excellent choice for you. Through a technology degree, students will focus on learning how to implement and maintain the technology systems that folks rely on every day. 

No matter which way you go, if you’re interested in what technology holds for the future, a computer science and technology degree is the perfect way to ensure you’ll have the skills needed to see for yourself.

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