Engineering and mathematics majors from online colleges

There’s no way around it. If you’re talking about degrees with the best pay and highest job prospects, it’s hard not to mention math and engineering degrees. Over the past few decades, the emphasis on engineering and math degrees and other STEM majors has grown and grown.

And rightfully so. Degrees in engineering and math from online colleges are great investments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports careers related to engineering and math among the highest-paying careers available. These job markets are also experiencing faster growth than other sectors of the job market.

Engineering and math degrees make up a large selection of degrees from online colleges. Tracking down which math or engineering degree is correct for you may seem daunting, but we hope to put that concern to rest. Below you will find OnlineCollegeWiz’s overview of what you need to go to get started in math or engineering from an online college. 

Math and Engineering Degrees from an Online College

Half of the STEM degrees, engineering, and math degrees, are highly technical and can sometimes be highly specialized. 

Engineering degrees comprise a wide variety of specific engineering subjects. Engineering degrees include aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering, etc. Rarely will you find a degree that is just in “Engineering”. Typically, engineering degrees revolve around a particular engineering subject.

Mathematics degrees function similarly to engineering degrees in that they typically are more specified than just a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (though they exist). Math majors will typically study Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics, and other math subjects. 

Topics Covered in Math and Engineering Degrees from an Online College

The particular topics covered in an engineering degree are usually associated with the specific engineering subject. With that in mind, there are some basic subjects that all engineering majors can expect to take. 

Engineering degrees tend to be very math-intensive. Students in engineering programs will take multiple levels of calculus as well as other advanced math courses. 

Students will also participate in fundamental engineering concepts such as fluid dynamics, engineering, design, experimentation, applied mechanics, and more. 

The subject matter of mathematics is also open-ended and has a lot to do with what particular mathematics degree you’re studying. Some potential study topics include linear algebra, functional analysis, computational mathematics, calculus, financial mathematics, and more. 

In-Demand Majors in Engineering and Math from Online Colleges

With so many different mathematics degrees and engineering degrees to choose from, it can seem a little daunting to find the best one. That’s why we’ve compiled some in-demand majors in math and engineering.

  • Machine Learning / Data Science – An immensely fast-growing new industry, degrees in machine learning and data science can be incredibly lucrative as they are in very high demand. Integrating components of a mathematics degree with a software engineering degree, machine learning degrees focus on teaching computers how to learn.
  • Petroleum Engineering – Despite the push towards renewable energy sources, petroleum engineering degrees are still in high demand. Petroleum engineering degrees focus on the various drilling methods needed to extract and process oil from the Earth.
  • Mining Engineering –  With electronics requiring more and more precious metals and rare materials in their production process, the need for those educated in mining engineering has skyrocketed. By earning a mining engineering degree, students will develop the skills needed to mine these precious materials.

Careers for Those with a Math or Engineering Degree from Online Colleges

As noted above, mathematics and engineering degrees are some of the most lucrative degrees available. These degrees provide the skills for several career paths that command very high salaries. Here are just some of the highest-paying careers that mathematics or engineering degree can prepare you for. 

  • Actuary – For students who choose to earn a mathematics degree from an online college, a career as an actuary is one of the highest-paying jobs in mathematics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an actuary earns a median annual salary of $111,030/year. Actuaries use mathematics to help determine the financial uncertainty and costs of risk. Insurance agencies employ many actuaries.
  • Aerospace Engineer – Earning a median annual salary of $118,610/year, an aerospace engineer is one of the highest-paying careers in engineering. As an aerospace engineer, you will work to design all manner of aircraft. A huge upside to an aerospace engineering career is that a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering is typically all that is needed to get started.
  • Computer Programmer – Many mathematics students end up putting their math skills towards a career in computer programming. Computer programmers earn a median annual salary of $89,190/year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a computer programmer, you will work to develop the software and code that various computer applications run.
  • Nuclear Engineer – Another high-paying career in engineering, nuclear engineers earn a median annual salary of $116,140. This is another engineering degree in which a Bachelor’s will suffice. Nuclear engineers work to develop various means to harvest and utilize nuclear energy. 

Different Types of Degrees in Math and Engineering from Online Colleges

A remarkable and uncommon train of mathematics and engineering degrees is that the undergraduate degrees in these subjects tend to command high salaries. Most other high-earning majors require students to advance to the graduate level to begin earning the high wages and salaries those majors can promise. However, this is not the case with mathematics or engineering degrees.

Many engineering students can found their way into a six-figure job with just a Bachelor of Science in whatever subject of engineering they’re in. While there are Master’s and Doctoral degrees available in almost every engineering topic, these degrees tend to be focused more on theoretical or research-based career paths. For many, an undergraduate degree in engineering will suffice when it comes to earning a high-wage. 

This goes for some mathematics degrees. Students in mathematics undergraduate programs can find careers post-graduation with compensation in the six-figures range. Similar to engineering degrees, mathematics degrees are also offered at the Master and Doctoral levels. These degrees typically focus on research career paths.

Considerations When Taking a Mathematics or Engineering Degree at an Online College

Like most STEM degrees, mathematics and engineering degrees can sometimes be tricky when taken from an online college. Unlike liberal arts degrees, mathematics and engineering degrees tend to integrate a fair amount of hands-on work.

Certain engineering subjects tend to lend themselves better to online learning environments than others. Students need to keep in mind the type of engineering degree they plan to pursue when considering whether or not pursuing that degree online is right for them. 

Mathematics degrees tend to translate reasonably well into the online learning environment. With curriculums that are more suited to the online format, students shouldn’t worry too much when it comes to enrolling in an online mathematics degree.

Scholarships For Mathematics and Engineering Degrees from Online Colleges

As college costs continue to rise, students need to consider different ways to cut college costs. Besides choosing to enroll in an online college, another great way to reduce the price of a college education is by applying for scholarships.

Scholarships for mathematics and engineering degrees are some of the more plentiful scholarship options available. One of the most extensive mathematics and engineering scholarships isis scholarships geared towards bringing more women and minorities into STEM. 

Here are some of our favorite engineering and mathematics scholarship options.

  • The Exxon Mobil Engineering Scholarship is a favorite amongst Hispanic students planning to study engineering in college. Students who apply for this scholarship can earn up to $20,000 paid out over four years. 
  • The Hyundai Women In STEM Scholarship was created to encourage and support women studying STEM majors in college. Hyundai awards five different female scholars pursuing STEM up to $10,000 each.  
  • The AFCEA Stem Major Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students are made available yearly and offer $2,500 to students studying math or engineering. This is an excellent option for those trying to save some money on their college tuition. 

Mathematics and Engineering Degrees from an Online College: Is it worth it?

Engineering and mathematics degrees from online colleges belong to the seemingly ever-lucrative STEM category of majors. Students who choose to enroll in mathematics or engineering degrees ensure they are earning a degree that really delivers a massive bang for your buck.

These degrees command very high salaries, even at the undergraduate level. They also tend to be in high demand. It is vital to keep in mind the particular subject of engineering or mathematics you manage to study. While it is a general rule that these degrees can be lucrative and lead to plentiful career opportunities, that’s not authentic for every single engineering or mathematics degree.

If you’re a student who likes to understand how things work, wants to make things, or simply enjoys mathematics, an engineering or mathematics degree is an excellent option for you. 

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